About Advanced Technology Marketing, Inc.

Advanced Technology Marketing is a technically oriented organization providing Digital, IF/RF, Microwave and Power Components and Assembly Services Sales Representation. The geographic sales territory supported include the New England States.

Advanced Technology Marketing was founded in 1992, and is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The principals of the company are the salespeople. We operate as a direct extension of our principals’ sales organization. 

Mission Statement

To provide professional, high quality representation services in the New England Region to a select number of principals who are dedicated and committed to continuous improvement and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Advanced Technology Marketing’s vision is to increase our principals’ revenues and account penetration by providing direct sales office services as a manufacturer’s representative. The field sales organization will consist only of high quality technically competent sales engineers.

Advanced Technology Marketing will operate as a direct extension of our principals’ sales organization. 


  • Establish Advanced Technology Marketing as the most recognized IF, RF, Microwave, and Power Manufacturer’s Representative firm in the Northeast, dedicated to customer service and support.
  • Represent high quality lines that are synergistic and provide the level of service commensurate of the companies we represent.
  • Provide our principals with solid profitable opportunities and the information required to make the proper business decision.
  • Increase sales in excess of 15% annually.
  • Remain a profitable corporation to provide long-term stability and account coverage.


Our strategy is based on two key beliefs. 

  1. Religiously follow the tenents of our Sales Philosophy
  2. Communication is the Key to Success