Mini-Circuits' Attenuators Achieve Industry Recognition

In the April 2013 Microwaves & RF Magazine cover story, technical contributor Jack Browne details the importance of precise and consistent attenuation in RF system and circuit design. He cites Mini-Circuits' 2 x 2 mm chip-sized YAT-Series fixed attenuators as perfect candidates for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications including cellular and wireless systems and radar and electronic-warfare equipment.

Fabricated with an advanced semiconductor process for consistency, YAT-Series fixed attenuators are available in 1-dB increments from 0 through 10 dB and with as much as 30-dB attenuation packed into their tiny, 2 x 2 mm housings. In spite of their size, the fixed attenuators handle as much as 2W (+33 dBm) of power while still effectively dissipating any heat generated.