Partnership with Modelithics to Bring Customers Best-in-Class Performance Models

Mini-Circuits, in partnership with Modelithics, is announcing the launch of free X-parameters models for three popular Mini-Circuits surface mount amplifiers: PHA-1+GVA-62+, and   GVA-63+.  Mini-Circuits has always provided free S-parameters for its products to support customers in performance modeling and simulation over linear input-power domains.  With the advent of X-Parameters, recently developed by Agilent Technologies, designers can accurately model and simulate the complete linear and non-linear performance of their designs for the first time ever.  This new capability is ideal for use in systems with complex waveforms including LTE, OFDM and QAM, as well as for prediction of power compression, non-linear distortion, and other behaviors elusive to conventional S-parameter-based simulation.

Modelithics co-founder, Dr. Larry Dunleavy comments that the partnership with Mini-Circuits provides customers added value by “enabling a high level of fidelity in terms of design simulation capability – we are providing linear and non-linear models with sufficient accuracy to enable a more rapid transition from prototype simulations to working designs.”  Dunleavy adds in regard to specific capabilities, “With the new X-parameters-based amplifier models, Mini-circuits customers can simulate non-linear effects such as intermodulation distortion, harmonics, and power compression in single-stage as well as multi-stage designs.”  Mini-Circuits has successfully partnered with Modelithics in the past to enhance its customers’ modeling and simulation capabilities.  Free X-parameters-based models mark the newest such collaboration and the most advanced product-support offering in Mini-Circuits’ company history.

“For appropriate applications, X-Parameters should provide the fastest feasibility assessment of available amplifier choices in the industry,” says Mini-Circuits founder and president, Harvey Kaylie.  “We are pleased to sponsor these models for free use by all interested designers world-wide.”  By making X-parameters available to customers for free, Mini-Circuits is giving designers state-of-the-art simulation capability and setting a new standard for the kind of data resources designers expect.

Free X-parameters-based amplifier models for the three selected amplifiers are now available through their respective product pages on the Mini-Circuits website by a prominent link to a Mini-Circuits/Modelithics partner page with a free Agilent ADS design kit download.  Online video tutorials and ready-to-use ADS examples are also available to make it easy for customers to install and understand how to use the new non-linear X-parameters models, which are setup to enable linear broad-band S-parameter and noise parameter simulations as well.